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Arianna Bazzini

professional dancer and coach

Learn and improve your

Salsa and Bachata style 

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Arianna Bazzini's Coaching

Where do my lessons take place?

My lessons will take place on a private Facebook group that I will create specifically for your course and in which I will insert all the dancers who will participate!

How can I follow the courses?

The lessons will be live (each course will have pre-established times and days that you can read in the description of the course, the times will always refer to Italian time), if you can't follow the live show don't worry because the live shows will remain published in the group so you can see them again later!

How long do the courses last?

Access to the group will be allowed for 1 month and a half so you can also watch my lessons whenever you want!

During the live you can interact with me and ask me questions in the comments to the live. Each course will be structured in 4 lessons in a month, each lesson will last 1 hour.